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Hello, Beautiful Soul's

I am Life and Mindset Coach Deepa Divaakar

"I am a dynamic motivational speaker and life coach who focuses on mindset development to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. My motivational speeches are tailored to inspire and empower audiences from all walks of life."


Kerala's Premier Anchoring Training Institute & Transformation Center

Established in 2018, Anchor’s Word proudly stands as Kochi’s foremost anchoring training institute, specializing in live stage show hosting. Founded by the accomplished DEEPA DIVAAKAR, a seasoned transformation trainer, life coach, law of attraction expert, renowned anchor, keynote speaker, and personality development mentor, Anchor’s Word is dedicated to nurturing individuals into confident, powerful personalities.

Our comprehensive programs are designed to foster skill development, shatter inhibitions, and unleash inner strength. In addition to anchoring training, we offer career counseling and specialized Law of Attraction sessions. With a track record of over 700 successfully trained individuals, we’ve empowered countless to excel in public speaking and performance.

Ready to Shine?

Discover How Anchor's Word Unleashes Your Inner Star!

Are you prepared to captivate any audience? Anchor’s Word invites you to embark on a transformative journey. Our expert coaching empowers you with confidence, charisma, and anchoring prowess. Whether you aspire to command the stage or refine your public speaking skills, we provide the tools and guidance you need. Step into the spotlight and own it! Join us at Anchor’s Word, where your potential knows no bounds. Elevate your presence, engage your audience, and unleash the star within you. It’s time to shine!

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Embark on a transformative journey with Anchor’s Word.
Our expert coaching empowers you with confidence, charisma,
and anchoring prowess. Step into the spotlight and own it!

Show Hosting

Masterful Show Hosting: 3000+ Shows Across India and Globally. Elevate Events with Expert Keynote Presentations and Engage Audiences Effectively.

Life Coaching

Guiding towards Fulfillment: Personalized Life Coaching. Overcome Obstacles, Set Goals, and Achieve Optimal Well-being and Success.

Mindfulness Coaching & Law of Attraction training

Mindfulness Coaching and Law of Attraction. Harness Inner Power, Manifest Goals, and Cultivate Lasting Positivity.

Career Coaching

Personalized Life Coaching. Overcome Obstacles, Set Goals, and Thrive for Optimal Well-being and Success.

Personality Development Workshop & Public Speaking Training

Elevate Presence through Personality Development Workshops and Effective Public Speaking Training for Impactful Communication and Professional Growth.

Motivation Speaking

Motivational Speaking. Ignite Passion, Overcome Challenges, and Propel Toward Personal and Professional Success with Empowering Messages.


Professional Counseling. Navigate Life's Challenges, Enhance Mental Well-being, and Foster Personal Growth with Compassionate Support.

Corporate Training

Tailored Corporate Training. Enhance Skills, Foster Collaboration, and Drive Productivity for Business Excellence and Employee Growth.



Clients Share Their Journey with Anchor’s Word. Discover the Impact of Personal Growth and Development.

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